“From premium beans to superior coffee to exceptional beer”

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee, just like brewing the perfect beer, is an intricate and creative experience. Thus, it only seems appropriate that these two craft beverages would come together in something special. For the 1888 Coffee Company, over 130 years of coffee-growing tradition in the fertile lands above Veracruz has produced some of the most exceptional premium Arabica beans and for 4 generations, 1888 Coffee has delivered this coffee to the United States, while supporting practices that ensure the vitality of the land, wildlife, farmers, and their families.

OUB Brewmaster, Shane Aldrich, and 1888 Coffee’s expert Q Grader, Carlos Rendon Sampieri, collaborated to ensure a balanced, yet complex flavor profile for both the beans and the beer. The coffee used in this collaboration was hand-picked in Veracruz, specifically roasted to complement and enhance the best flavors in the beer, and added directly to the beer during the fermentation process.  We’re excited to announce that the final product, International Blonde, a Belgian Blonde ale, represents the best of both artisanal brews.

International Blonde will debut on Saturday, Dec. 21, at a Release Party (2 – 7PM) at our Taproom, featuring 1888 coffee demonstrations and tastings, DCQUE BBQ’s delicious street tacos with their famous homemade salsa, and tours of our brewery.  Advanced tickets for the tour, which includes a free beer of your choice, can be purchased now! Hope to see you there!