Earlier this week, Brienne Allan (@ratmagnet) of Notch Brewing invited members of our community to share their stories of sexism and abuse in the industry. Hundreds of people have responded. The stories are uniformly disturbing and highlight a systemic problem that has for far too long been insufficiently addressed or, even worse, ignored.

We have learned a member of our staff was identified in one of those hundreds of postings. While the anonymous complaint deals with actions that allegedly occurred prior to that staff member joining Oakland United Beerworks, we have already launched an investigation, headed by our Head of Operations and Board Member, Kristen Karnay.

Sexual harassment and sexism is never acceptable and will not be tolerated at Oakland United Beerworks or by anyone affiliated with the brewery.

We are fully committed to determining whether this individual’s behavior violates this fundamental policy and will be taking the appropriate action. We will keep you informed.